It is difficult to make any planning with the current situation of the pandemic. On the other end it is also not healthy to just keep moaning and get depressed.

One of the solutions that Claire (our daughter) is using to be positive is to cherish “short” happy event(s) each day. Happiness is not continuous but is made of those short burst of positive feelings. This works for Claire, for me it is doing my daily walks.

Working on the peanuts harvest at the LAP

Focus on water access in villages

In Burkina Faso clean water access in rural area is not an easy thing. There are not enough water wells and from the existing ones at least 50% are not working because of pump failures.

New water wells do not need just cash. Problems with pumps firstly need a maintenance free pump (we are using the Blue Pump) and secondly a change in the way the maintenance of the pump is organized.

Most of the time the person in charge of the water wells maintenance in the village is a man. Funds collected for repairs are often mismanaged and the repairs are not done properly. Consequence is multiple breakdowns in short time. Villagers then stop to give fund for repairs.

The pump we use is the Blue Pump ( This pump is made in The Netherlands. Many people ask us why we are not using local pumps made in Africa. The main reason is the quality of the pump. The local pumps (only one is made in Burkina)  all have weak points making them unreliable on the long term.

The management of maintenance of the water well should be given to the women since they are the ones who collect the water for the family. Also a leasing contract with a maintenance contract for the hand pump would ensure its working continuity.

In 24 years we have realized 38 water wells in the 12 villages where we are active. We are still looking for funds for another 5 wells to make sure that women do not walk more than 500 meters from their home to get clean water. Do you know of possibilities for funding such a project, please contact us at

Water well realized in September 2020 for the primary school of Sipigui with funds from NASF (

A short video on this realization:

Success story from a scholarship holder

The story of Oumarou Djelbeogo:

Quotes of the week

“True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.”  David Tyson

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”  Marcel Proust

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