Art from Burkina Faso 

Are you looking for a beautiful bronze statue? Then you have come to the right place! We sell a collection of bronze sculptures in collaboration with a number of renowned local artists from Burkina Faso.

There are many possibilities!

Not all statues are in stock, but they can be ordered by us and made especially for you by artists in Burkina Faso. Please take a delivery time of 2 to 3 months into account.

The statues are available in different sizes, colors and price ranges.
We sell bronze statues of animals (horse, bull, kingfisher, tiger, panther, lion, owl, elephant). But also from (African) women, ballerinas and dancers.

Are you looking for a nice statue for a wedding or with the theme of love, or a statue of mother with child or with the theme family? We can have it made for you!

Would you like to have a statue made based on a photo or, for example, your own idea or design? That is also possible!

Our statues can be placed in the garden, but discolouration can occur due to weather influences.


Have you seen a particular statue and would you like to have more information? Or do you have a question about a bronze statue that you saw in one of the hotels? Or any other specific question about a statue or about commissioned art / business gifts, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@burkinart.com or 035-6952878

Statues in hotels

Don’t want to wait that long? Then you can take a look at one of the hotels where Burkin’art exhibits: NH Sparrenhorst in Nunspeet of Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn. The bronze statues that are exhibited in the hotels can also be purchased here. You are welcome!

Support ASAP Foundation

What makes your purchase even more special: the proceeds from the sold statues will benefit the projects of ASAP, a foundation that s for supports 10 villages in Burkina Faso. So behind your beautiful new purchase is a good cause!

Bronze statues

Photo gallery

GA078 Guerrière € 1.595 (31,5 inches)

GD071 Lamia € 1275 (14 inches)

GD078 Panthère € 550 (7,5 inches)

GD070 Noemi € 1350 (27,5 inches)

GA 126 Hibou € 160 (8 inches)

GD010 Famille Maasai € 1150 (19 inches)

GD019a La belle bleue € 695 (18 inches)

GS004 Ballerine € 495 (14 inches)

GD022a Femme assise avec € 1275 (22 inches)

TA004 Couple brun € 250 (14 inches)

GA152 Ballerine € 350 (12 inches)

GS001 Danseuse classique € 595 (20 inches)

GD002 Mannequin avec € 695 (18 inches)

GD022b Femme assise € 1275 (22 inches)

DM020 Baobab € 895 (12,5 inches)

GA074 La plus belle € 750 (24 inches)

GD053 € 425 Martin pecheur double (20 inches)

GD002 Mannequin avec € 695 (18 inches)

GD043 Éléphant € 375 (12 inches)

GA068 Femme à genoux € 395 (12 inches)

DR018 A Petite danseuse € 55 per stuk. In bruin, blauw of groen (7 inches)

GD019b La belle bleue avec € 695 (18 inches)

How a bronze statue is made?

A statue of Burkin’art is unique, the artists from Burkina Faso recreate every statue from wax. They work through the “cire perdue”, or the “lost wax method”.

  1. First, a mold is made from beeswax in which a pouring trough is placed.
  2. A layer of clay mixed with some horse manure is applied around the mold. The manure provides elasticity, so that the mold does not shrink and crack.
  3. After the clay layer has dried, a second clay layer is optionally applied. The larger the statue, the more clay layers.
  4. The mold is now placed near the fire so that the beeswax melts and the clay hardens.
  5. The mold is then baked at 700 degrees and the bronze melted at 1200 degrees Celsius.
  6. When both the bronze and the mold are at the correct temperature, the mold is placed in the sand and the bronze is poured into the mold via the casting channel.
  7. When the statue has hardened, the clay mold is smashed.
  8. The bronze statue is then processed, the pouring channel is removed and irregularities are smoothed.

Bronze is yellow in itself, but can be provided with a color (patina) by means of a chemical process. Including the colors green, matt green, red / brown, mottled yellow / smoked, brown and black.

Have you become interested in one of our beautiful bronze statues? Then we would like to hear from you!

Stay informed of our developments!