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Stichting ASAP heeft verschillende organisaties in Burkina Faso opgezet om de implementatie van de verschillende projecten over te nemen. Dit zijn nu zelfstandige entiteiten in Burkina Faso. Deze lokale entiteiten zijn verantwoordelijk voor hun eigen fondsenwerving (voor zover dat mogelijk is) en/of het genereren van inkomsten uit economische projecten.


De rol van ASAP Nederland is het werven van fondsen voor projecten in Burkina Faso, de organisaties in Burkina adviseren en controleren van de uitvoering van de projecten. 


Naam Functie Werkpositie Datum in Datum uit
Joop Rietmulder Lid Pensioenadviseur 01-09-2016 01-09-2020
Helene Michaud Voorzitter International trainer 01-01-2018 01-01-2022
Els Buter Penningmeester Financieel medewerker 01-10-2018 01-01-2022
Gerard van Hees Lid Vakbondsbestuurder 01-05-2019 01-05-2023


In order to further empower people in Burkina Faso, several local organizations were created with the same personnel who have taken more responsibility. ASAP BF owns the office in Bobo Dioulasso, and the buildings and land around the secondary school: Lycée Agricole Privé (LAP). ASAP BF has an agreement with the Ministry of Cooperation of Burkina Faso.

Implementation of projects in Burkina Faso

In the past 19 years, ASAP has been implementing projects in Burkina Faso through its own registered NGO, ASAP BF.

Each local organization has its own board and ASAP controls their activities through reporting and visits by its founder and board members.



To support the development projects related to the villages where we are active, a new Burkinabe organization was created called “Association pour des Petits Projets Africains” or APPA. It has 13 all local employees.


For the development of the agricultural boarding school (LAP) which opened in 2011, we have also started a new organization called “Association pour le Lycée Agricole Privé” or ALAP. It has 14 permanent employees.


APPA also produces and sells products using raw materials from the villages: shea/karité butter, honey and locust beans. It was decided in 2020 to separate this (commercial) activity from the village development projects. For this, a cooperative is being created called “Société Coopérative simplifiée pour la Valorisation des Produits du Terroir” or SCOOPS VPT.


In addition, ASAP BF has also helped launch a sewing workshop that manufactures washable protection for menstruation, face masks and uniforms: “Actions pour le Besoin des Femmes” or ABF. It has 5 permanents employees.

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