Careers at ASAP


There are different options to work at ASAP such as paid or voluntary positions, on a fixed or call basis. In addition, it is also possible to do an internship at The ASAP Foundation.

Are you interested in a position with our organization? Look below for the vacancies for paid and/or voluntary service or send an e-mail to

Voluntary work

ASAP is supported by several enthusiastic volunteers. A number of our volunteers work actively on an on-call basis. For example, volunteers help with organizing actions, selling bronze statues of Burkin’art (the proceeds of which benefit ASAP), creating and distributing newsletters and more!

In addition, there are also volunteers who structurally help out one or two days a week to support the organization.

ASAP is always open for new volunteers. If you have good ideas, skills or contacts and want to come and help us? We would like to meet with you.


The ASAP Foundation has a few internships. Are you interested in? Please send an email with your motivation, Curriculum Vitae and internship to

Paid work

Currently there are no vacancies for paid functions at ASAP.

Stay informed of our developments!