Beehives for women




Fact: women are the backbone of the economic activities of the villages. They are always looking for new opportunities to get additional resources. Beekeeping does not require a lot of work, and it can bring 50 euro for 5 hives. This additional resource can help the mothers to pay for school fees or medication for the family.

What is the content of the project?
ASAP provides 5 hives (1 apiary) with all the equipment and training needed for the work on the hives. ASAP buys the raw honey from the women.

What are the results?
One apiary brings 50 euro to a woman. This money is mainly used for education and health of the family.

What is needed?

Total number of apiaries needed in 2019: 25.


What are the costs?
600 euro, the women participate with 60 euro (total cost of 1 apiary 660 euro)

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