Improved metallic oven




Fact: each family, when using the traditional 3-stones oven, will need 75 trees per year for cooking. This means that a village of 1.000 people (100 families) will cut 7.500 trees per year. Besides this being very bad for the environment, soon there will be a shortage of trees which will create conflicts. Another inconvenience of the 3-stones oven is the smoke it emits, causing health problems.

What is the content of the project?
ASAP provides the improved metallic ovens to the women.


What are the results?
25 less trees cut per woman/family having an improved metallic oven. Decrease of the diseases linked with smoke inhalation.


What is needed?
Total number of improved metallic ovens for 2019: 250.

What are the costs?

Your investment: 10 euro per metallic oven, the women participate with 2 euro (total cost 12 euro per oven).


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