Primary schools

Primary schools


Offer all the children of the ASAP-villages the possibility to a good basic education.

Objective ASAP-elementary schools

  • 80% of school-age children goes to the first class
  • 80% of children who are in school started stay until the last class
  • 80% of the children in the last class finishes the elementary school with an official degree
  • 50% of the children with a degree is a girl


Primary schools in rural villages are built by ASAP. If the construction of the school is completed it is transferred to the villages. The Ministry of education is responsible for the teachers and their salary. In recent years ASAP has build 17 elementary schools, each with 3 classrooms. Children attend primary school from the age of 6 years old during a total of 6 years.

Results 2015

Description Objective 2018 Objective 2016 Result 2015
Maximum number of children per classroom 40 45 47
Number of children (percentage) attending school 80% 76% 74%
Number of children (percentage) finishing school 80% ? ?*
Number of children (percentage) graduating school 80% 70% 62%
Number of girls (percentage) attending elementary school 50% 50%  48%

 Comments for the results 2015

Most of the elementary schools in the ASAP-villages were built by ASAP. If the construction of the school is completed it will be transferred to the Government and ASAP has no more responsibilities for the schools.

Objective 2016

  • Continue to provide lunches at the elementary schools
  • Create awareness among parents on the importance of education
  • Sufficient classrooms for 50 children

The main objective of the Ministry of education in Burkina Faso is the quantity and not quality of education. If more children attend school, the more funds it will receive from large organizations, such as the World bank.


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