Vegetable gardens (joint) for the village

Vegetable gardens (joint) for the village


The villagers help to generate revenue during the dry season. The biggest challenge for such a project is the watering and protection of the vegetable gardens against stray animals such as cows and goats.

The villagers of Nefrelaye maintain a vegetable garden of one acre. The vegetable garden is protected by a fence of wire mesh. The water is pumped up from a well, 120 meter deep, into 2 water basins. The water well-pump works on solar energy.

Results 2015

The average income of a participant in this project is about € 50,- per year.
Furthermore, with the construction of the joint vegetable garden we want to change the one-sided diet.

Objective 2016 

The residents of two other villages also want a joint vegetable garden in their village. We are actively looking for sponsors for this project.

Madou, gardener: “in the evening, as people come out to water the vegetables, also other people from the village come to relax under the tree. It is great place to come together. “

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