Building lavatories

Building lavatories


At least 50% of the families in the ASAP villages has the use of a lavatory within a period of 4 years.


In most rural villages in Burkina Faso, there is a lack of proper sanitation. As a result, villagers do their needs often close to home. This creates a lot of pollution around house. Another consequence is that women have no privacy during their visit outside. Therefore often have to wait until nighttime which creates a dangerous situation for women and young girls.

Result 2015

Omschrijving Objective 2018 Objective 2017 Result 2015
Number of families with sanitation in the 10 ASAP villages 50% 38% 33%

In 2015 we had 35 lavatories built.

Objective 2016

To built 60 lavatories

The building of the lavatories will be divided into two phases. The lavatories we build are suitable for families consisting of 10 people. The villagers do a lot of the work themselves.

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