Planting new trees

Planting new trees


The objective of ASAP is to make the population aware that:

  • They must keep their farmland fertile through the use of compost
  • To protect their farmland from erosion
  • New trees should be planted
  • Less wood to be used for cooking.

Our main goal is to make the villagers aware to plant more trees instead of chopping them down. It is very difficult to find a method to verify the number of trees that are planted actually survive.


The villagers are less concerned on the environment. It is not easy to create awareness that there is a connection between the bad harvest, infertile soils and climate change.

The women chop down trees to be able to cook and the men use the wood to make brooms in order to keep their land clean.
To create a future with a healthy living environment ASAP is trying to spare wood by planting new trees so people can continue to provide for themselves.

Results 2015

In 2015, no new trees were planted.

The country property infringement is a problem in Burkina Faso. It is difficult for a farmer to be able to invest in his land or plant trees if it’s not officially owned by him.


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