Nursery schools

Nursery schools


Educate children as off 5 years in their first social- and learning skills.

Objective – ASAP Nursery school

  • 80% of children attend the nursery school
  • 100% of the nursery school children will advance to the elementary school
  • 1 nursery school per ASAP-village (10 villages)


The nursery schools in Burkina Faso are usually located in the city and often private institutions. The infancy is very important in the development of a child.

ASAP has 5 nursery schools built. All nursery school are private schools and are managed by parent associations. The Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for technical support.


Results 2015

Description Objective 2018 Objective 2016 Result 2015
Number of nursery school 7 6 5
Number of children

(5 years old) attending nursery school

420 345 305
Children (percentage) of 5 yrs attending nursery school
73% 50% 46%

Objective 2016

  • Construct a nursery school in Fina
  • To have as many children attend the nursery school in 2016 as they did in 2015

The objective of the nursery school is to help children get acquainted to classroom teaching in a fun way so they are prepared for primary school.

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