Secondary agricultural school (LAP)

Secondary agricultural school (LAP)


The ASAP Foundation wants to give children in the countryside of Burkina Faso the opportunity to have a 4-year-old secondary agricultural education.

What is LAP?

LAP stands for Lycée Agricole Private and is a secondary agricultural School. (LAP). The LAP has opened its doors in 2011. The school is built in the Houet Province, Department of Luba, in Burkina Faso. The land has been donated to ASAP by the villages Oualana and Kofila.

Why the LAP?

After 6 years of elementary education, children in Burkina Faso move on to the rural public secondary school. The study results on these secondary rural schools are very poorly due to the lack of teachers. After 4 years of secondary education less than 10% of the students pass their final examination.

To provide the students from the ASAP-villages the opportunity to a good secondary education ASAP opened the secondary agricultural school (LAP) in 2011.

The LAP is a boarding school where the students are between the ages of 12 and 15 years old. Per year up to 70 pupils attend.

During their education the boys and the girls follow general subjects such as mathematics, French and informatics. In addition, they learn how they can be a good entrepreneur in the agricultural sector.

Agricultural activities

  • Keeping chickens
  • Breeding pigs: very productive but at the moment financially not profitable
  • Vegetable gardens: the production is used for the student meals
  • Agriculture: provides a good produce of corn, beans, hibiscus and soy


  • All students receive room and board (boarding school)
  • There are 102 female students out of the 226 students
  • There are 6 fixed teachers and 6 support staff


We are always looking for sponsors who want to give a student the opportunity of an education. The costs for one student per year are € 360. –
The parents of the children pay a private contribution of € 95,- a year.

For more information about the education program you can send an e-mail to


 Adama Millogo about his son who goes to the LAP

‘the first thing we noticed as parents is that our son is very respectful to others. He greets adults,   something he did not do before’ When at home he helps out, in contrary to his brother who attends public school’

Video: A Day at the LAP

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