Latrines for families




Fact: 90% of premature deaths, including children under 5 years old, are caused by diarrheal diseases coming from the lack of latrines (World Bank). Also, the lack of latrines creates a very important risk hazard for the women.

What is the content of the project?
The family has to dig a hole for the latrine, and provides 250 bricks. ASAP provides the cement and pays the mason who will build the latrine.

What are the results?
Decrease of 100 % of deaths caused by diarrheal diseases for families with a latrine, and safe conditions for women to go to the toilet.

What is needed?

Total number of latrines needed for 2019: 100

What are the costs?
100 euro per latrine. The family participates with 50 euro (total cost 150 euro per latrine).


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