Medical care

Medical care


It is very difficult to determine an objective because the Ministry of health in Burkina Faso is complicating the building and opening of medical centres.

Currently there is no demand from the villages for a medical center.

At the end of 2015 4,471 villagers still had to travel over 8 km to visit a medical center. That is 30% of the total population of the 10 ASAP-villages.

Objective ASAP

  • 100% of the pregnant woman is under medical control during the pregnancy;
  • 80% of the deliveries are done by the midwife at the medical centre;
  • 50% less infant mortality rate of children under 5 years. The current rate is about 10%;
  • That women no longer die during childbirth;
  • There are no illegal drugs purchased;
  • Birth control per woman.

Results 2015

No new medical centres were built in 2015.

Objective 2016

There are no plans for 2016.

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