Micro credits

Micro credits


Provide funding to setup activities to generate income for less wealthy women who do not qualify for a bank-loan or the MFI (Micro Financing Institution).


A ‘ fair ‘ micro credit is available for all women. Fair means that the interest rate should not exceed a maximum of 7% per year and that there are transparent award procedures.

The administration for the credits is arranged by the Women Association.

Results 2015

  • 2.359 women are using micro credit
  • 2.048 women have been able to expand their activities by the rise of the annual loan amount.
  • Approximately 1.000 children can now make use of medicines during sickness. This is made possible by the income-generating activities of the mothers

Realization 2016

Objective Rate of increase in 2015
Number of women with micro credit 2.670 13%
Loan amount per women 35 14%
Loan total amount 93.500 22%

In recent years we have noticed that projects led by women are more successful than projects led by men. Men often have issues among themselves about women, money and land ownership.

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