Access to clean drinking water

Access to clean drinking water


  • Access to clean, safe drinking water for rural residents
  • Ensure that women do not need to walk more than 500 metres for clean water


Access to clean and safe drinking water is vital, but this is not common in Burkina Faso.
In order to combat hunger and disease access to clean drinking water is essential.

Results 2015

In 2015, no water wells were build due to lack of funding. We were able to replaced 3 pumps in existing wells.



Objective 2016 Results 2015
Number of families in 10 ASAP-villages that have to walk more than 500 meters for clean drinking water 50 115 150


Objective 2016

Locate Financing in building 8 water wells in several ASAP-villages.

The waterwells are build by local contractors and available to all the villagers.
Necessary repairs can be carried out by locally trained plumbers.

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