Promotional gifts

Are you looking for a nice bronze statue for a business relation?
Whether it concerns a large statue, promotional gifts or a gift for anniversaries, there are many possibilities!

And what makes your purchase even more special: the proceeds from the statues you have bought will benefit the projects of the ASAP Foundation, a foundation that works for 10 villages in Burkina Faso. So behind your beautiful gift(s) there is a good cause!

Please take a delivery time of approximately 4 to 6 months into acount.

Bronzen beeld van een oude melkwagen
Beeld van een hordeloper

The procedure is as follows:

  • You contact us via or 0031-35-6952878.
  • We discuss your wishes on the basis of for example photos and together determine the size of the bronze statue, the number of statues and your budget. It is also important in which color you want the statue.
  • We present the agreements made to the artist in Burkina Faso and ask whether he can indeed produce the statues for you within your budget.
  • The artist then makes an example of your statue out of wax and sends us a photo of it. We will present this to you.
  • If the sample of your bronze statue is entirely to your liking, we ask for a 50% deposit.
  • The artist will then cast the statues in bronze for you.
  • We will keep you informed of his progress and will indicate when the statues approximately can be expected in the Netherlands.
  • When you receive the bronze statues, we will send you an invoice for the second payment of 50%.

How a bronze statue is made?

The artists in Burkina Faso work according to the “cire perdue”, or the “lost wax method”.

First, a mold is made from beeswax in which a pouring trough is placed. A layer of clay mixed with some horse manure is applied around the mold. The manure provides elasticity so that the mold does not shrink and crack.

After the clay layer has dried, a second clay layer is optionally applied. The larger the statue, the more clay layers.

The mold is now placed near the fire so that the beeswax melts and the clay hardens. The mold is then baked at 700 degrees and the bronze melted at 1200 degrees Celsius. When both the bronze and the mold are at the correct temperature, the mold is placed in the sand and the bronze is poured into the mold via the casting channel. When the statue has hardened, the clay mold is smashed.

The bronze statue is then processed, the pouring channel is removed and irregularities are smoothed.

Bronze is yellow in itself but can be provided with a color (patina) by means of a chemical process. Including the colors green, matt green, red/brown, mottled yellow/smoked, brown, and black.

Have you become interested in our beautiful bronze statues as a gift or promotional gift? Then we would like to hear from you!

Stay informed of our developments!