Protect Her Period

In the context of World Menstruation Day (28 May) we would like to draw extra attention to women and girls in Burkina Faso!

After all, in the Netherlands we can just go to a chemist or supermarket to buy sanitary pads, but in the rural areas in Burkina this is absolutely not possible and the “monthly inconvenience” is really a much bigger problem!

Women and girls in Burkina Faso have a hard time during their periods. This is mainly because they do not have the right means to protect themselves.

They often use old clothes or a piece of cotton, which of course is not comfortable and also not hygienic. For this reason, they often do not go to school or work during their period because of shame.

We mainly see


Loss of self-esteem;


That girls miss school on average 4 to 6 days a month;


Eearly pregnancies due to lack of sexual awareness;


That it is difficult for young women to work during their period.

And that’s why we want to help out!

We have therefore set ourselves the goal of raising money for:


Providing hygiene kits to 2.000 girls and women and


To hold 50 awareness meetings for 4.000 girls and women.

What exactly is included in the kit?

The hygiene kit contains washable sanitary pads that women and girls can use to protect themselves during their periods. The sanitary pad can be washed and used every month for 3 years.

The components of the kits are: a cotton string bag, 8 pads, 2 liners, 2 slips, 1 wash cloth, 1 small soap, 2 Ziplock bags and one instruction card/menstruation calendar.

The hygiene kits are produced and distributed by the local association “ABF”. ‘Days for Girls’ helped set up the production.

ABF now employs 5 people and has already produced more than 20.000 kits that are distributed in Burkina Faso!


During the awareness meetings we provide sexual education classes in the villages where we try to discuss things openly. We find it important to teach girls and women to say ‘no’. In West Africa relations between men and women are different than in Europe. The man is still very much the boss of the family in Burkina Faso.

The meetings are mainly organized in primary and secondary schools by staff of the ASAP Foundation. The presentation we use for this is from “Days for Girls”, specialist in this field. We have already held 75 meetings!

What are the results of Protect Her Period?


2.000 girls will have good protection during their period;


4.000 girls become aware of how their bodies work;


an significant decrease in teen pregnancies;


more self-esteem;


no more school absence due to menstruation!

How can you help and what does it cost?

By making a donation for the hygiene kits and/or for the awareness meetings!

For the Netherlands, costs: € 12 per kit or € 275 for a meeting.

For the US and UK at:, costs: $ 15 or $ 330 and £ 10.50 or £ 240.

For France:, costs: € 12 or € 275.

For schools: by organizing fundraising activities!

Stay informed of our developments!