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October 30th, 15:00 hr (local time)

As mentioned in my last blog, the president has tried to have a vote in the parliament to change the constitution so that he can be elected a third time. He has been in power for 27 years. His nepotism and the corruption of his people has created a lot of tension within the Burkinabés. It is especially true of his brother François Compoare who has killed or made killed several people in all impunity.

On Tuesday 28 over 1.000.000 people in Ouagadougou and 500.000 in Bobo Dioulasso marched against this change in the constitution. Yesterday, the unions called for also a general strike.

This Thursday morning when the parliamentarians were starting to come for the debate, the security forces were overwhelmed by the crowd which went inside the parliament breaking down everything as well as putting some cars on fire. They then took care of the national television in the same way.

The crowd is now in front of the presidential palace confronting the security forces.

In Bobo Dioulasso where we are, they rampage the central town hall and the houses of the leaders of the political party of the president.


The last news is that they have arrested the brother of the president who was trying to fly out of the country and that the president has fled also the country (he might be in Ivory Coast).

The opposition leaders have gone to see the Moro Naba (emperor of the Mossi ethnical group, main group in Burkina) and they all have given allegiance to the a general very much liked by the population as interim president.

During all this time we stayed home, but never felt threaten. People were angry against their president, not against foreigners. There has been some casualty and some property rampaged, but very limited regarding the level of frustration and anger of the population.

The calm seems to come back. I will give you some additional news tomorrow.

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