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[:nl]30 October 2016
Sunday I went fishing with Yannick, one of our grandchildren in Burkina (10 years old). It was his first experience fishing. I realized that I had much more patience with the fish than with Yannick. We caught a good number of small fishes.
On the way to the fishing place we passed by a recycling place, where I saw another use for old or bad mosquito nets. Instead of making nets for a soccer goal or protecting gardens against wandering animals: bags for recycling material. I do not know where the material comes from and what they do with it, but I will find out.
Meeting in the village of Sokourani
On Thursday we went to Sokourani. Eugénie and Line (replacement of Odile while she is on maternity leave) went to talk to the women about protection kits and improved metallic ovens, Jean-Francois and I went to talk to the men about projects for 2017.

Men with different attitude. Red jacket man: I know this is what we need!!! Grey shirt man: well…..

We had a good discussion which always ends on the same note: Can we trust you in taking your part in a project? They say that they have changed mentality, but…..
We will need to find a lot of funds if we want to realize all the projects the men want.
With the women, no problem of confidence. Projects just work. After presenting the improved metallic oven we got immediately a list of about 150 women who wanted it.
Same for the protection kits.  Eugénie made a demonstration on how to use the kit.
We had a list of 72 women who wanted the kit. We had them with us and the head of the women association will collect their participation of 4 euro
per kit.
We have made a small video about the association which will take care of manufacturing and distributing the protection kits. This association is called ABF (Action pour les Besoins des Femmes).

Thanks to Servane for the beautiful logo.


Women relaxing after the presentation

While discussing with the men, some children going home from school.

Proverb of the week
On peut mener un troupeau d’animaux avec une sole sorte de bâton, mais il faut autant de sortes de bâtons que de personnes pour mener des hommes.
You can lead a herd of animals with one kind of stick, but you need as many kinds of sticks as people to lead men.
Hope you will have a great week.

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