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End of this trip coming Tuesday. This will be the last message until September. It was a short but intensive trip.

Migration of the Peul (Fulani) cattle in Burkina

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Several times during this trip we encountered on the road to villages large herds of cattle going back to their villages of Kourouma or Barani. Peul herders are walking hundreds of kilometers with their cattle to better pastures in the dry season and coming back during the rainy season to their villages. Revenue form cattle is the third one in the budget of Burkina.

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New infrastructure ready for the coming school year at the LAP

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Fourth boys’ dormitory building. We will have 134 boys coming school year in 8 rooms.

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The new nursing post.

Recruiting of a new director for the LAP

This week we spent some time interviewing candidates to take the job of principal for the LAP. We had placed an ad in a newspaper early July. We received over 40 applications. Unfortunately only 3 of them had a possible profile for the job.

We were 5 to interview them and tomorrow I will go with the selected person to the LAP to see if he is still interested in the job.

Visit to Sokourani

Sokourani is a village which has a lot of outstanding debts with ASAP. Since we did not have any news about the village we asked the leaders to meet us at the farm of Karim, which is also in this village.

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The meeting did not bring anything new: men are not united and they cannot put pressure on the ones who own us money. We could just remind them that if nothing is happening we will abandon the village.

The farm of Karim looks good. However, we have been fooled before. It still needs proper rain fall until beginning of October.

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Consultants, experts: leeches of Africa

A few years ago somebody working at the development ministry in Burkina told me that from the funds received or development only 5% were going into the end projects, 95% is going into surveys, feasibility studies….

This trip I was confronted twice with this situation. Karim (working for ASAP before) is applying to be an expert in agriculture. His role will be to work for a consultant to analyze problems of farmers: the farmer has to pay 25% of the consulting. It is obvious that he is never paying this amount. The consultant increases his budget of 25% and he is paying himself the 25%. If Karim does a few jobs as an expert he can become a consultant and then use experts….

I contacted the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) in Burkina to find out about possible funding for environmental project. I was told that they are in the process of measuring the results of the previous program (using consulting firms) and then they will send consultants in the field to analyze the priorities of the new program.

I start to believe that the person of the development ministry did not lie.

Proverb of the week

L’expérience est un peigne que la nature nous donne quand nous sommes chauves
Experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald

Les parents peuvent dire, mais pas enseigner, à moins qu’ils ne pratiquent ce qu’ils prêchent
Parents can tell but never teach, unless they practice what they preach

Hope you have a nice summer.


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