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Rains came, but have stopped for about a week now…. Let’s hope that they will be more regular in this season.

Nepotism and withholding fees

I am not sure why I am talking again about nepotism since it is a disease difficult to cure. Recently, the general manager of the social security institution in Burkina was transferred to another job (not fired) after it was communicated through social media that he had found a job for his wife, his son, his daughter and a niece in his administration without going through the normal selection process.
Most of the administrations collecting money (tax, custom) were on strike for over one month, not agreeing on the distribution of the amount withheld by those administrations. For example, customs now retain 25% of the collected amount to be distributed among the custom personnel. The distribution of the withheld amount is always a problem since the people at the top do not leave much for the lower levels. In addition, custom have gone IT. Before, a lot of the fees were paid in cash to the custom officers (to lower the prices) are now less and less, so less chance to pocket the fees.
Talking about IT. The IT system of the social security administration completely crashed a couple of weeks ago. All the records where lost. Not sure if back up exists…. Personnel in this administration have no more confidence in the system now and they are inputting the data  on the computer and also maintain a paper system.

Farm activities

We are exploiting 2 farms. It is the busiest time of the year. Scholarship holders from the agricultural school of Bingo have come back to the farms to do a training and help us cultivate the land.
In the farm of Mogobasso we have seeded peanuts, beans and later on also sesame (is the last crop). This farm is also used to have, with time, an activity of grafting mainly for cashew nuts trees.

Farm of Mogobasso with the nursery of cashew trees, 2 trainees and the farmer

In the farm of Sokourani we have 17 hectares to work on. We will seed peanuts, beans, sesame and soy. But here we will seed what they call “pre basic” seeds from the agricultural research center. From those “pre basic seed”, will grow “basic seeds”. Those are used in turn to produce “certified seeds” which will be used by the famers on the fourth year of the process. Long process.
We are looking for funds in order to start an activity of a cat fish production. This will be associated to a garden where we will grow bananas and papayas. The water of the fish tank being used to water and feed the garden.

Farm of Sokourani with the trainees and the farmer

Trainees Sandala and Toundia harvesting sorrel leaves in the garden

Citations of the week

Attendre d’en savoir assez pour agir en toute lumière, c’est se condamner à l’inaction.
Waiting to know enough to act in plain light is to condemn oneself to inaction.
La seule chose qu’on ne peut embellir sans qu’elle en périsse, c’est la vérité.
The only thing that cannot be embellished without it perishing, is the truth.
“Jean Rostand”
I am heading back to The Netherlands today. Next blog in September…..
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