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Fact: one year of additional secondary schooling increases potential earning by 10.6% in Sub-Saharan Africa
(source: social value UK, quantifying the Impact of Investment in education).

What is the content of the project?
Students receive a good quality and appropriate education. They are fully boarded. The sponsoring includes
all costs: teaching, uniforms, food, health. After 4 years (first cycle), the students are prepared for a national
general study exam (BEPC). After 4 additional years (second cycle), they are prepared for a Baccalaureate Pro

What are the results?
Your sponsored student has the possibility to find a job or to start his own project. They can get 50% salary
increase after the first cycle and 120% increase after the second cycle.

What do we achieve?
Total number of students at the LAP for the school year 2018-2019: 210 in the first cycle and 40 in the second
cycle. The second cycle is starting this year.

What are the costs?
360 euro per child per year for students in the first cycle, the parents participate with 53 euro and 250 kg of
corn. Or 480 euro per student per year for the second cycle, the parents participate with 91 euro and 250 kg
of corn.

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1st cycle, 2nd cycle


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