Another week has gone by at a very high speed. A lot of village visits and work in the office. Eugénie and her sister Yvonne have started to open the carton boxes filled with clothes brought in the last container. We have around 200 of them in our garage. A lot of work.

The clothes are sorted by type, which enables us to give them fairly to the women associations of the villages. The idea is that the women can get cash against the clothes.  If there is a nursery school in the village, the association which manages the school will use the funds collected for the end of the year party. For the women association of the village we will double the funds they will collect as long as they use the funds for a project of the association. One village wants to buy additional benches so that all women can sit when they have a meeting.

On Tuesday we went to the LAP (ASAP private Agricultural secondary school) where we spent the night. While I worked with the director, Odile went with Fred and Yvonne to check the holes we had asked the villagers to dig in the nearby “marigot”(riverbed which is dry during at least 6 months in the year).

I know that I have already put some pictures of vegetable garden, but it is so nice….

1.jpg 2.jpg
3.jpg 4.jpg

We took advantage of this visit to take class pictures of the students.


Class CAP 1. On the left Gnoumou (director) and Mme Sawadogo (French) and on the right Macaire (agronomy)


Class CAP 2 


Last year we started to buy bread for the students of the LAP from a young man coming to the village of Oualana, where the LAP is situated, with his bicycle. 52 km one way every 2 days with 300 breads at the back of his bicycle. Thanks to our purchases, the young man has been able to buy a motorbike. He is now thinking to buy a tricycle motorbike.

On the way to the village of Kouekouesso, we stopped by at the nursery school of Oualana.

8.png 9.jpg

Kids washing their hands before going in to class            Big eyes of children of the nursery school

The meeting in Kouekouesso was with the women. We had seen some difficulties within the association and wanted to try to understand what was going on. After a long story we finally found out that there was a big communication problem between the women of the board of the association and the members of the association. They wanted to have a new board, but did not dare to say it between themselves. To us they could say it. They will appoint 3 new board members per quarter and we will help them set up and train this group of 15 women who will lead the association.


A view of the crowd

11.jpg 12.jpg

                                               Answering a question of Odile                                   Local beauties

Thursday we went to Fina. It was to officially announced that we will build a nursery school in their village. They kind of knew it already since we had sent a group of 7 women to one of our existing nursery schools. They had the opportunity to discuss with the women there what was a nursery school. The nursery school is managed by an association of mothers, the staff will consist of a woman who has gone through a 2 year training at a specialized school and of 3 “petites mamans”(small mothers). These are young women from the village who can speak and write French. They will go through a 4 month training in Bobo. It is not always easy to find women for this type of job since their husbands do not want them to be away for 4 months in the city.

The contractor was with us and we could also check the space the “chef des terres” (land chief) had planned for the construction. It is close to the existing primary school and we could see they had thought of it very well.

We distributed some second hand clothes which the women will get cash for and this will help them to realize one of their projects as I described above.

13.jpg 14.jpg
15.jpg 16.jpg
17.jpg 18.jpg
19.jpg 20.jpg

People from Fina


My brother in law Fred trying to communicate with the children with his broken French

This Sunday we went to the “mare aux Hippopotames”. A lot of nice nature and hippopotamus.

30a.png 30b.jpg
30c.png 30d.jpg
30e.jpg 30f.jpg
30h.png 30g.png



It was a very busy but positive week here. Hope you had a good week too.

I will leave you with this Swahili proverb:

Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases.

La richesse, si vous l'utilisez, diminue ; l'apprentissage, si vous l'utilisez, augmente.

Until next week,


Blijf op de hoogte van onze ontwikkelingen!