News from Burkina Faso

As for COVID-19, the news is not very precise. The vagueness is no doubt wanted by the government. A few new cases are announced daily, but without further details. The roads have reopened and people can move around again without constraints. Wearing a mask is compulsory in public. After 2 days the authorities stopped checking and we now see people without masks in the streets.

As the families are quite large, people cannot afford to buy a mask for each person so the masks are exchanged between family members without being washed !!!

For schools it seems (things often change) that the start of the school year for exam classes will be June 1. The exams will take place in July. For the other classes, we think we will have to wait until October for the start of the school year.

A word from Odile the director of APPA

“My name is Odile SAWADOGO-TERI married and mother of a little boy. I live in Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina-Faso.

In March 2020, Burkina-Faso recorded its first case of coronavirus. At first I was reluctant to think that COVID-19 really exists in my country and the habits continued. Government decisions went very quickly, suspension of public transport, closure of markets, quarantine of certain cities including mine. My husband works in Ouagadougou 360km from us and the suspension found him at his post. It was not easy to reach us. He was forced to travel by motorcycle. These measures have had both positive and negative impacts on my life.

For the closure of the markets, before the situation I did the market every 2 days but as soon as the closure was announced it was necessary to find the money to stock up at least for 2 months which upset my forecasts.

My husband, in normal situation, visited us 1 weekend per month and during the holidays 2 months. He spent more time with us thanks to COVID-19. This resulted in a stronger bond between him and our son, they did a lot of things together.

One aspect that struck me the most and I think for all Burkinabés is the social distancing. It’s very difficult for us who are used to greeting and visiting each other. I see relatives that I can no longer touch with my hands or go to their house. At Easter nobody came to greet. It was a first since my birth and also with no mass.

In terms of work, there was pressure / concern because we had to think about retaining staff because everything was slowing down. What alternative? Are we going to end up with layoffs? So many questions to answer.

To date, the economic situation is difficult, product prices have increased and management is almost chaotic at state level.

Today, people are cautious about spending because the situation will not return to normal before 2021.

Photos of lessons given in the villages by LAP teachers

Quotes of the week

The one who knows that he does not know, educate him. The one who knows he knows, listen to him. The one does not know that he knows, awaken him. The one who does not know that he does not know, avoid him. Chinese proverb.

He who knows a lot about others may be educated, but he who understands himself is more intelligent. Lao-Tzu

I hope you are all in good health,

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