In Burkina, according to the authorities, there are 3 cases of corona virus. With all the news coming from other countries, people here are getting nervous. The health care system is not the best. Lets hope that it does not spread. Here no panic about toilet paper, not many people use it…

Girls of the nursery school of Nefrelaye

Gardening project in Nefrelaye

I know that we have already talked many times about this project, but when something works I like to talk about it.

Last time we were there on February 15th it was to help parceling the ground where the 60 women could cultivate thanks to a new water well.

This is the results after less than one month on March 11.

Nice isn’t it?

Thanks to the new water well, the women have better harvests on their existing plot and they can also now have a second plot. We estimate that the average revenue per women from the gardening activity will triple thanks to the water availability.


In the soap and pomade produced by our association in Burkina we use essential oil of citronella. There is a local artisan who can distill the citronella leaves.

We encouraged the women of the gardening project in Nefrelaye to plant this herb which is very easy to grow. We are paying them with soap: 5kg of citronella equals one soap.

We wanted to take the opportunity of our last trip to bring some to the city. The volume which can be processed is limited and we wanted only 100 kg of leaves.

How do you select the women who can give you the citronella? Impossible!!! We had to take everything, which was over 200 kg.

Rows of Citronella around the plot of a woman

Cut citronella

weighing citronella

Pictures along the way

The women of Nefrelaye gave us a rooster. He had an easy ride in an air conditioned car laying on citronella

This cocoon was on a bush. Some kind of cricket lays its eggs in it

Proverb of the week

If the epidemic spreads, the moral will also increase. Albert Camus

For the moment, he wanted to do like all those who seemed to believe, around him, that the plague can come and go without the hearts of men being changed. The Plague : Albert Camus

Keep safe,


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