Back in Burkina Faso since over a week.

The dust carried by the wind from the Sahara desert is everywhere. The density of the dust is regulating the temperature, the same way as fog in Europe. It is the time when the trees blossom. Mangos and cashew fruits are starting to be harvested.

Security situation

You have probably heard or read about trouble in Burkina in some areas. Many of those attacks were against police posts and almost never claimed.

Most of the people I talk to here, think that it is an internal Burkinabe affair. A group trying to destabilize the country specially since there will be elections in 2020. They all mention the president who was thrown out about 4 years ago.

Bobo and most of the villages where we work are still in the “yellow zone”. There are 3 in the orange zone where I will not be going for now.

LAP news

The results of the students for the first trimester were rather good. So far this year’s students are really responsible and the atmosphere at the LAP is rather positive.

Some sad news however, a student of the 4th year died from sickle cell anemia. This is a blood cell disease affecting only black people. Looking back, we regret not to have been more attentive to this disease. We are looking into testing all the students (electrophoresis) and at the same time get their blood type.

Since the beginning of January we have a (new) permanent husbandry teacher. This will enable us to develop the breeding side of the agricultural activities. The agronomy side is already well developed.


We learn new traditions at every trip. Attending funerals is very important here. But if you cannot attend you have to go and present your condolences to the family. The mother of Dominique, one of our guards, died last week. This is when I learned that you cannot pay your respect to the family on Wednesdays nor Saturdays. If you do that, there will be somebody else in the family who will die. Why? No idea. In any way we will not visit Dominique’s family on one of those days.

Proverb of the week

A man who always tells the truth will find himself being expelled from 9 villages. There is no need for a man to destroy all beehives just because of one sting from a bee.

I hope 2019 has started positivity for everyone.

Until next week,


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