Surprise! I cannot stay away from my blog.

Actually, I just wanted to bring some information coming from Burkina. When you are proud of something to have to communicate it.

I came back a week ago to The Netherlands and Eugénie staid in Burkina. She has been helping to  prepare the “foyer” of the girls at the LAP (Private Agricultural Secondary School). We were supposed to open this foyer at the beginning of the year. The opening happened Sunday March 17.

63 girls will be spending a large part of their time into this foyer. On Friday Solange (head of the foyer) and Eugénie told the girls that they should come on Sunday with their belongings to integrate the foyer. Instead of a cheer of joy, the answer was NO!!!!

After discussion with the girls, it appears that their tutors where not informed by their parents and that their parents had not done the proper “sacrifices” for them to enter the foyer. Solange was able to convince them that it was ok and that the parents were going to be notified immediately.

So on Sunday, the girls moved in the foyer.


Eugénie's touch: each girls had a “teddy bear” on their bed.

All the bed sheets were also prepare by Eugénie. Making single bed sheets from double bed ones.




Girls putting their belongings away


The new kitchen used for the first time


The new refectory with the 127 children


The boys will eat with the girls until they have their own foyer


Eugénie welcoming the girls in their new house and wishing everybody a good appetite

It seems that the girls slept well in their new house. Only 3 of them had some “headache” ……

Thanks to Eugénie another milestone for this school has been reached.

Take care and be tolerant to others.


Blijf op de hoogte van onze ontwikkelingen!