Outside view of the Foyer of the LAP

Back in Burkina for a trip of 6 weeks. I am alone this time. Eugenie stayed in The Netherlands. You will immediately realize it if you are reading this message which has not been corrected by Eugenie.

The main objectives at the beginning of this trip are to look at the personnel situation of our organization in Burkina and to work with our team here on the LAP (ASAP private secondary school) development.


My first impression is that nothing much has changed as far as the country is concerned since our last trip in March. On the way between Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso (365 km), we have counted 14 big buses, 12 trucks, 3 tractors and 4 small buses stopped along the way because of technical problems or accidents… Another example, for state examinations (whatever the level) there is a lot of corruption. Recently one person who did not get the exam she was trying to get, realized that another person had passed the exam when she was actually not in the room during the exam. So maintenance and corruption still a major problem in Burkina.

This first week was mainly work in the office. On Friday we went to the LAP. It is the end of the year and we needed to meet with the director in order to assess the current year and prepare the following school year.

The results are not really extraordinary. From the 70 students which started the LAP in 2012 at least 14 will not make it to the second year. For the second year students (start in 2011) at least 6 will not make it to the third year.

For the director the reason is the low academic level of the students when coming to the LAP. Those children are selected among the successful children from the primary schools of the 10 villages where we work. I believe that the way we teach and the follow up of the students during the year is also a reason.

For the new school year, we will be more critical at the selection time and we will also help the teachers to use a more participative method of teaching. We will see.

This was my first visit with the girls of the LAP in the “foyer”(boarding school). It is really a nice place. Solange, the director of the foyer, is doing a great job managing the 62 girls. The place is really clean and the girls as well.

blog-23-jun-2013-2 blog-23-jun-2013-3
Houses of the supervisors  Dormitories and dining hall in the background
blog-23-jun-2013-4 blog-23-jun-2013-5
Inside one of the dormitories  Boys having their lunch
blog-23-jun-2013-6 blog-23-jun-2013-7
Girls having their lunch  Egg plants in the garden of the second year


The gardens, coops and the pigsty are also doing well.

blog-23-jun-2013-8 blog-23-jun-2013-9
Proud rooster in the coop of the second year  The 7 piglets of the second year


The teachers’ compound

You may remember that we also have over 50 students in boarding schools in the town of Banfora, 80 km from Bobo Dioulasso. 9 of them were in the middle of their secondary study which ends by an exam called the BEPC. Out the 9, 7 were successful. We are a bit disappointed since last year we had 100%. But we are still very proud since the secondary school in Lena (close to the LAP) had only 17 students passing the exam from a total of 132 students!!!!

It is the end of the nursery school year. I attended 2 closing ceremonies this week: Kouekouesso and Oualana. Below some pictures of those ceremonies where children sing, declaim poetry and dance.



The pupils of Kouekouesso playing a sketch and dancing


The children of Oualana

blog-23-jun-2013-14 blog-23-jun-2013-15
 blog-23-jun-2013-16 blog-23-jun-2013-17 

All these children will be attending primary school next year.


blog-23-jun-2013-18Close to the teachers’ compound, we have found this “drawing” on a tree. Can anybody guess who or what made it?

African proverb:

Aimons naître, aimons vivre, aimons mourir : le néant n’existe pas.
Love to be born, love to live, and love to die: nothingness does not exist.

Take care and until next week.


Blijf op de hoogte van onze ontwikkelingen!