I am back in The Netherlands since yesterday. Temperature wise, no much difference with Burkina. My biggest surprise is the speed of internet. In Burkina you have time to make yourself a coffee or a tea between clicks, downloading even a small file can find you trying the whole day. This trip I realized that the speed of the connection was following some kind of wave: from no connection to a slow connection to no connection again. Imagine how happy I am when I click and immediately get the page I want.

They are advertising the 3G!!!! We have tried it for one month. Same disaster as the normal connection. This situation is actually not good for our own organization. The difficulty or the impossibility to search, to download and to communicate (Skype) make us lose a lot of our efficiency and costs us money. We are looking at the possibility to install a satellite antenna at our office. We can have a contract for a cheaper price than we have today if we combine the usage of the LAP, our office and the social businesses. So we just need a little over € 1.000 to buy the antenna.

Emmanuel came back from vacation and I could pass him my list of 2 pages of things to follow up on. He loves me very much.


Group of young boys and girls working in the fields. They get 500 cfa (€ 0,75) per day per child plus a meal for their work.
Tuesday we went to check up on the gardens of the women of Kofila. There are 38 installed there and we had to walk a lot. The village is big and the gardens quite spread out. It had rained the day before and most of the women where in the fields helping their husbands.

The gardens were checked and the trees were delivered the next day.





Some of the gardens in Kofila




Kids along the way

On the way back we stopped in Kouekouesso to check the participation of the villagers to the construction of their new school. The village’s mobilization is very low. The main problem is an old feud between diffrent quarters of the village, I am not even sure that they remember the real reason of the feud. Hopefully this will be solved between the elders.


The foundation of the school is ready


Flower and beginning of the fruit of a Baoboab


The baobab himself


Flowers and fruits of a neem trees. The oil extracted from the seeds can be used as an insecticide.


The red bird was offended since nobody commented on the picture of last week on his beautiful colors.

He is turning his back to us.


Last week we saw this rooster looking at himself in the bumper of our car. He stood there at least 10 minutes probably thinking that a competitor had come to his yard. Or it is just vain.

This week a Dutch proverb:

A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.
Un peu de patience vaut mieux qu’un boisseau de cerveaux

We will back in Burkina in September. Until then take care of you.


Blijf op de hoogte van onze ontwikkelingen!