Blossoming tree

Chemical or natural insecticide?

Last week we had to treat the trees of around our house against “white fly (mouche blanche)”. Our mangos trees, cashew tree and others where losing their fruits. This seems to be a major problem for a lot of trees and crops.

We first tried to treat them with a natural insecticide made from the neem tree. It is natural but not strong enough to fight against this insect mainly since it keeps on coming back from the neighbors’ trees. We had to go for a chemical insecticide and to leave the house for a few hours.

There is always a lot of discussion between natural and chemical insecticide usage, can we only use natural ones? Let us know what you think.

Bush fires

There are a lot of bush fires in the country side. They are most of the time set by locals. Sometimes it is hunters who use the fires to help track small game and sometimes it is just to follow the tradition which calls for burning the grass to keep dangerous animals away or to clear some ground. Besides snakes, there are no more other dangerous animals and you can clear the land without fire. But bush fires are still happening and doing a lot of damage.

In our school the LAP, a bush fire burnt two of our hives and trees which have taken years to grow (a karate tree takes 20 to 25 years before it produces nuts).

It is forbidden to set bush fires, but nobody is really enforcing it. Sad! Environmental consequences but also economical consequences.

blog 2014-03-09 2

Landscape after a bush fire

Agricultural social business (SYS)

Erosion is a major problem in a lot of farmers’ fields. It also is on the farm of the agricultural social business. Making visual analysis of the ground helps to understand the quality of this ground.

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Remy and Karim looking at the erosion Karim making a visual analysis of the ground

For the farmers working with SYS, the services they received is paid back after the harvest in kind (mainly corn).

blog 2014-03-09 5

Looking at the bags of corn in the silo in Sokourani

Scholarship holders in Banfora

We have 48 scholarship holders who are in boarding school in the town of Banfora (80 km from Bobo Dioulasso). We always go to visit them and try to have them talk to us. After many years it seems that it is working. I am not sure how we came to it, but we had a debate over “the egg and the chicken” which one came first? A very catholic boy said that it was like for the humans, first the chicken then the egg. Another more pragmatic said that you need a rooster in order to have a fertilized egg. No real conclusion.

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I am not sure what was said but girls do not seem to be happy!

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blog 2014-03-09 9The group of Boys in the before last class before their final secondary exam (baccalaureate) had pretty low marks. They explained this by having first a slow start coming from the field of their parents, but also by the math teacher who gives the subjects of the exam to the students he coaches in private lessons…. If we ask him to give lessons to our students, we fall in his trap, if we do not students will still have low grade. Any ideas????

Birds on the way

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A calao this one did not want to show his face

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blog 2014-03-09 19On the last blog I had asked you what was on the tree?

If you look closely you will see a cicada (cigale en français).


Proverbs on family

African proverb on family:

Dine with a stranger but save your love for your family
Dînez avec un étranger, mais gardez votre amour pour votre famille

When brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits their father’s estate
Lorsque des frères se battent jusqu’à la mort, un étranger hérite de la succession de leur père

A family tie is like a tree, it can bend but it cannot break
Un lien de famille est comme un arbre, il peut plier mais ne peut pas briser

Hope you are all doing well. Have
a peaceful and harmonious week.


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