This week was loaded with a lot of emotion. Wednesday Bertrand was buried in France. Saturday we had a quit an emotional memorial service for him here in Bobo in the company of numerous villagers and friends.

The presence of Didier (new president of the APP foundation and cousin of Bertrand) and his wife Marie Paule made the various activities in the villages a bit more intense, because of Bertrand’s passing. At the same time though, it was reassuring for the villagers to see that there will be continuity for the support of their villages.

Didier and Marie Paule left us today to go back to France. Sanne arrived from The Netherlands to stay with us for a week.

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Political situation in Burkina

The transition period will normally end on the 11th of October 2015 with the election of a president and a parliament. In the past few weeks one could feel some tension between the prime minister and the presidential guards. Before the revolution of last year the prime minister was the leader of this presidential guard. I am not sure what the problem is, but the interim president said that the different parties do not seem to want to negotiate. He has called on a “wise men” committee to look at the problem(s).

Is this going to help???

I found this long definition of a wise man in a local internet newspaper:

“A wise man is a person, usually an elderly, who, with his experience of life: is aware that he has nothing to fear on this earth than God and God alone. Looks, listens, observes, analyzes and says truth to everyone, for the benefit of all, without being corrupted, as he expects nothing from this earth that does not come from his own honest labor.”

Rainy season

All the farmers were getting very anxious due to the lack of rain. This week the rainy season has really begun. It will still put some farmers in difficulties. They do not have mechanization and seeding has to be done by hand. It will take around 2 to 3 days for a family to seed one hectare. Most crops needs 90 to 100 days to fully develop. The rain has to continue for at least for 80 to 90 days. The later you seed the bigger the chance that the crop will miss some rain at the end of the growing period.

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Some rain drops left on leaves.


We got financing from the FAO to provide 100 hives to 20 farmers. Saturday was the delivery of the hives.

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blog 2015 07 12 4Women of Nefrelaye and men from Oualana receiving their equipment.

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Hives being shipped to the villages Testing the protective costume

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Sanne and Marie Paule

Nursery school of Kouekouesso

On Monday it was the last day of school for the pupils of the nursery school. A very strong demonstration of the dance talent of 5 year old children. It is always nice to see what children can learn in one year: not only dances, but social skills, language and writing skills.


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All dressed up!


End of the school year at the LAP

blog 2015 07 12 11Also at the LAP, Macaire, the agronomy teacher, was getting nervous. It was the last week of school and nothing had been seeded yet. On Wednesday the rain came in allowing seeding on Thursday. Friday was the last day of school. Just in time.

The students seeded 7, 5 hectares in one day!!!

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Friday the students had organized a show for parents and visitors. Very good work of theater, singing and dance.

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First time we used the amphitheater at the LAP.

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Dances with costumes made from shirts given by the ‘t Atrium school of Amersfoort (The Netherlands)

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Interim director Macaire giving a speech

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Student, Odile, Solange, Marie Paule, Didier, students on the podium

Very good year in our area for the harvest of shea (karité) nuts

Last week I mentioned that the season for shea (karité) nuts will be good in our area.

blog 2015 07 12 17First, nuts gathered in the field


blog 2015 07 12 18

Nuts which will then be boiled

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And then the pulps will be taken out and the nuts sun dried

This is only the beginning of the process to make shea butter.

Proverb of the week

L’amitié est une trace dans le sable : si tu cesses de la refaire elle disparait.
is a trace in the sand: if you stop to remake it, it disappears.

La vie est comme une ombre ou un brouillard, il passe rapidement et n’est plus.
Life is like a shadow and a mist, it passes by quickly and is no more.

A bit of long blog this week. Hope you still enjoyed it.

Have a good week.


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