After a very short stay in Europe I am already back in Burkina since almost 2 weeks. Eugénie will join me at the end of the month.

If the rains have started late in the season, they have been very heavy in the month of September so far. It rains almost every day. On the 1st of September 114 mm. Two years ago on also on the 1st of September, rains destroyed many things in Ouagadougou: houses, bridges, roads. People in Ouagadougou were bracing for a new catastrophe. Fortunately the rains stopped before it was too bad.

Everything is humid, very difficult to have things drying, mold appears everywhere.

For the farmers it is good. But the rains have to keep on at least until the beginning of October due to the late start of the rainy season.

Political situation

The elections for President and for the parliament will be held on October 11th. The campaign has started. So far very calm. There are 2 main contenders from the 14 candidates. Both have been with the previous President at one time or another. One is from the Mossi ethnical group and the other one from the Bissa ethnical group. Mossi is the biggest group in Burkina. Bissa have a reputation not to be trusted. The joke is that you rather fall in a pit with a snake than with a Bissa….

I have asked people around if it is possible to have clean elections. They believe it will be cleaner than before but nobody believes there will be no fraud.


The new school year will start tomorrow for some of the classes at the LAP. A lot of new personnel will be coming in: three new people for the boarding facilities for the students, 3 new permanent teachers (we have found 2 so far).

We were also supposed to have a new director. The person who had accepted the job beginning of August came back to us mid-August to say that he could not take the position. It looks like he was using us as leverage to get a higher salary at the place where he was working…

blog 2015 09 13 1Left Sylvie, the new person in charge of the boarding facilities at the LAP. Right Solange the person who was in charge for the last 2 years.

blog 2015 09 13 2

The first work of the student will be to clean the grass around the buildings.

Grass is everywhere after the 2 months’ vacation.

The LAP will have 236 students this year. All will be fully boarded. The budget of the running costs for school year 2015-2016 is 106.000 euro. The parents pay 22.000 euro and the rest comes from sponsors. We are still looking for sponsors for our new students.

ASAP Burkina

After working 4 years for ASAP BF, Emmanuel (our local director), will look for new opportunity. We will not replace him and will work with Odile and Rock.

We will have to adjust to this new situation but I am convinced that they can take this challenge.


Busy with all the personnel activities, I have not been to the villages yet. Some news in the next blogs.

blog 2015 09 13 3

What are you looking at? I see a pretty bird

blog 2015 09 13 4Proverb of the week

A man who uses force is afraid of reasoning. ~Kenyan proverb
Un homme qui utilise la force a peur de raisonner. ~ Proverbe kenyan

Patience attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far. ~ Swahili proverb
Patience attire le bonheur; elle rapproche ce qui est loin. ~ Proverbe swahili

Hope you will have nice and healthy week.


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