After 6 weeks in The Netherlands and US to see family and friends, I am back in Burkina since a week.

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Political situation in Burkina

In November Rock Kaboré was elected president of Burkina. He was installed as president end of December 2015. The nominated prime minister is a technocrat (economist) and a large number of the appointed ministers are also technocrats.

A strong positive feeling was among the Burkinabe people, but last night terrorists created uncertainty with an attack in a hotel in Ouagadougou. Not what is needed here.

The attack was claimed by a jihadist group originated from Mali. The question many people have is why now? It seems that part of the answer is in Ivory Coast.

The expelled president Blaise Compaoré was very much involved with the jihadist groups. Some of his guards were from Mali and a lot of traffic went on between the entourage of Compaoré and the various groups of rebels in Mali, mainly arms. Compaoré is now resident in Ivory Coast and the rumor says that he has gotten the nationality of this country. The actual president of Ivory Coast is in power thanks to the French but also thanks to Compaoré who has helped the rebels there.

A day before the attack, Burkina has emitted an international arrest warrant against Guillaume Soro, president of the parliament in Ivory Coast. It seems that he was involved directly in the coup d’état fomented by the General Dienderé in October last year. Recording of telephone conversations between Soro and Dienderé have been found.

In addition, 2 groups coming from Ivory Coast have tried to free Dienderé from jail on December 24th. One was arrested close to the border the other one close to the jail.

This terrorist attack will have a big impact on the recovery of Burkina, many investors will delay or stop their collaboration with Burkina. The positive feeling of the Burkinabé themselves will be damped.


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The boys’ foyer has now a refectory /study room. It will help the students to have a better environment to eat and also better conditions to study.

The gardens are in full production. Vegetables are used for the meals of the students. blog 2015 01 17 4
In order to prevent cattle to come into the LAP, we have constructed a cattle grid. When we built it we did not take into account that sometime farmers enter the LAP with a cart pulled by a donkey. On one side of the grid we will use rope that can be taken out when this situation occurs instead of the barbwire originally planned. blog 2015 01 17 5
On the picture on the right, the onions on the right side did not get any fertilizer. The rows one on the left got a liquid fertilizer made at the LAP (mixture of grass, manure, earth and water). Not on this picture are also rows with chemical fertilizer. There is no difference in the results between our bio liquid fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. blog 2015 01 17 6


First quarter results of the students

The grades are over 20 points and you need a minimum of 10.

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The 1st year students’ results are very good. The percentage of success for the other years after the first quarter are just ok.

Proverb of the week

He who takes medicine and neglects his diet, wastes the skill of his doctors. ~Chinese Proverb”

Celui qui prend des médicaments et néglige son régime, gaspille la compétence de ses médecins. ~ Proverbe chinois

A happy new year 2016.


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