Coming back from Burkina last Sunday, I had to take a few days rest to recover from a bronchitis. Nothing serious and I am back going around. This explains the lateness of this message. Jeff and his group has left on Monday.

Eugenie besides taking care of me, has been making new mosquito nets for the dormitories and curtains for the students in the school of Bingo.


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Cotton field

This year the harvests are late for the season. The rainy season started late and finished late. First harvests are the beans and the peanuts. Most of the cereal harvests are almost done as well (corn, sorghum, sesame). What is left is the cotton. A difficult harvest since it is done by hand.

Political situation

The political campaign is in full swing. The elections are this Sunday November 29th. Let’s hope for a peaceful after-election.

Students in Banfora

We have 24 secondary school scholarship students in in the town of Banfora 13 boys and 11 girls. We went to visit them Sunday 15 November with Jeff and his group.

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They are students from 18 to 22 years old. But we have always a hard time trying to have a conversation with them. Fear?

We asked them what they want to do in the future. Surprisingly, at least 6 out of the 24 want to join the army. Is it due to the positive view that the army has after helping to stop the coup d’état in October?

Land, sun and water

blog 2015 11 22 3

Land preparation and seeding on October 10th.

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Same field 6 weeks later (November 20th) with zucchini and melon

It is amazing to see how fast you can get vegetables.

blog 2015 11 22 5Students at the LAP outside their class room







The refectory for the boys at the LAP is getting its roof frame. Not much safety for the welder and the helper.

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Heard on the radio

En regardant la forme des pyramides, on se rend compte que déjà du temps des pharaons les ouvriers en faisait de moins en moins.
Looking at the shape of pyramids, we realize that already at the time of the pharaohs workers worked less and less.

I will go back to Burkina early January 2016.

I wish you a healthy end of the year and the best for 2016.



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