Still some rains during the week. In Bobo we had 412 mm of rainfall during the month of September. In the early morning at the LAP dew glitters on blossom and leaves.

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Normally Eugénie was supposed to arrive today. Due to fog in Amsterdam her flight was cancelled. She is now arriving tomorrow coming via Brussels since Air France pilots are starting a strike.

Political situation

Everything seems to be back to normal. The coup leaders have been arrested and the rest of the group of the presidential guard has been re-assigned to other military camps.

The leader of the coup at one point had taken refuge at the residence of the “Moronaba” (leader of the largest ethnical group the Mossi). To escape he had to go through what they call the “women gateway”. People say that if a man goes through this gate, he loses all his power (magical power). This is why he did not succeed in his coup rumor says.

This general has been almost 30 years doing some pretty nasty things in- and outside Burkina (Niger, Mali, Sierra Leone, Angola…). This was done in good collaboration with the ex-president of Burkina but also with many other political leaders. What he will tell might create some difficulties for the people running for office in the next elections.

The elections have been postponed, but no date has been fixed as of yet.

Life is back to normal and public schools will start on Thursday.

LAP news

The start of the LAP was kind of delayed as well. Some teachers and some students had difficulties to reach the school. Lectures really started last Tuesday.

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Happy 3rd year student with her new pens and notebooks.

Below: under the supervision of the husbandry teacher Sary Banaon, the 3rd year students are mixing the food for the pigs: corn husk and dry fish.

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Harvest situation in the villages

If the rains keep on coming until the middle of October, most of the farmers in our area will have a decent harvest this year. However, in some other areas between Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso, the fields look very sad.

Quiz of last week

blog 2015 10 04 4This is the flower of cotton

blog 2015 10 04 5New Quiz

Which tree has this trunk?


blog 2015 10 04 6I am back on the picture, me the red bird.

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I am nice too, not red but all fluffy!

Saying of the week

Choisissez un travail que vous aimez et vous n’aurez pas à travailler un seul jour de votre vie.
Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life.

Je ne cherche pas à connaître les réponses, je cherche à comprendre les questions.
I do not seek to know the answers; I try to understand the questions.

This blog is rather short, but being confined at home a few days does not help in our activities.

Take care.


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