The Harmatan (trade winds or alizés in French) is in full blast at the moment. Very hazy days with a lot of dust in the air. The atmosphere is very dry and a lot people are coughing. The temperature is slowly going up in the day (we had 37oC yesterday in the day time), especially if the sun gets through the clouds of dust. Nights are still rather cold with around 23oC.

Eugenie has arrived last weekend and has been busy putting the house back in order and preparing mosquito nets for the LAP dormitories and houses.

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Children around the water well at the school of Nefrelaye.

Different perspective on age and life

In Europe if an old person dies, we say “he has had a long life”, in Africa for the same elder there is a lot of grief, “we have lost our knowledge”. Same difference with children, in Europe we are very sad “he has not been able to live his life”, in Africa, sadness is there, but “there is always possibilities to make another child” “he hasn’t contributed to life as of yet (and is replaceable?)”.

Collette, who is taking care of our house in Bobo Dioulasso had her 50th birthday this week. I asked her how she felt: “very proud and happy” she said. I am sure that a lot of people in Europe would have said “getting old”. When the life expectancy is 50 years, it gives another perspective than when it is over 80 years.

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Gardening project in Nefrelaye

Following the negative answer of the village of Kofila for gardening, we went to the village of Nefrelaye which had also asked us for this project.

It was an introduction meeting, but there was a lot of discussion. The village is really motivated and we will start to look at the possibility to implement this project: availability of land, water and organization of the villagers.

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Men and women of Nefrelaye

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The place of the meeting: maison de la femme (funded by the Zonta club)

Visit to the LAP

The purpose of our visit was to finalize the location of the construction of the “Foyer” for the boys and to discuss with director /teachers and Solange in charge of the “Foyers”.

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Solange  Onions harvested in the garden of the 3rd year


Moringa Oliveira

This tree, called in many languages “miracle tree”, is really a wonder. We are trying to develop an activity around this tree (dry leaves for proteins for the population and oil from the seeds).

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Seedlings of Moringa in the garden of the 3rd year

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Flowers of the moringa Moringa tree with pods


What do you see on this picture?

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Proverbs on peace

When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled
Quand deux éléphants se battent, c’est l’herbe qui est piétinée

He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk
Celui qui pense qu’il est le chef et n’a personne qui le suit ne fait que se promener

A fight between grasshoppers is a joy to the crow
Un combat entre sauterelles est une joie pour le corbeau

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