It is time for a lot of trees to blossom in Burkina. Mango, shea trees are in full bloom, but this tree with yellow blossom is more spectacular.

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Eugénie arrived in Burkina after a long journey coming here straight after a visit to Claire in the USA.

Gardening: activity for the dry season

The dry season is rather long and villagers are looking for income generating activities to fill it in. Gardening is becoming very popular in our area. The main difficulty is to get water and to protect your garden from cows, sheep and goats.

blog 2016 02 07 2In the village of Sissa, a couple of villagers have started their gardens close to the bed of the river (dry at this time of the year). They get the water from small wells of 3 meters deep.

They are not sure to get water for the whole period of the growth of the vegetables and they have to sleep on site to protect the crops from cattle.


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In the village of Nefrelaye they do not have shallow water wells.

One of our projects was to secure about one hectare of land with a fence, where we drilled a water well of 140 meters deep equipped with a downhole pump powered by solar panels. The pump fills water into 2 tanks.



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Most of the villages where we are active want to have such project. If you know organization which could help us to fund them, thanks to let us know.






Excision: still a major problem in Burkina

Female genital mutilation is still very much done to young girls in Burkina. We are trying to find out how bad it is in our villages but so far we have not been able to get this information. Excision is penalized in Burkina which is a good thing, but this means also that people do not want to give information about it. Since there is little talk about the body at school, some girls do not even know that they have been excised. We are still looking at how to get this information.


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From which tree are these flowers?

The LAP grinding mill

To feed the 226 students at the LAP we use 400 kg of corn per week. This corn needs to be grinded into flour. This flour is cooked into what is called here Tô.


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Walking food delivery!

Proverb of the week

A person is a person because of other persons.

Une personne est une personne à cause d’autres personnes.

The sun will shine on those who stand, before it shines on those who kneel before them.

Le soleil brillera sur ceux qui se dressent, avant qu’il brille sur ceux qui s’agenouillent devant eux.

Take care of yourselves,


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