This week was rather busy with 2 days of meetings with the villages in Bobo Dioulasso and the beginning of the visit of Didier Auger and his wife Marie Paule from the association A Petits Pas. APP is a French association which has strongly supported ASAP for almost 10 years.

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Flowers from the sugar canes plantation close to the city of Banfora

On her side Eugenie has been making sheets for the Boys Foyer at the LAP, mounting mosquito nets on frame for the same foyer, coordinating the production of corn flour also for the LAP. In addition Colette who his taking care of our house since over 10 years is very sick. The health care system is not really good here and Eugenie had to kick things around to insure that a proper diagnosis was done for Colette.

Political situation

The civil society, the political parties and the military have agreed on a documents describing the transition to the election of a new president in November 2015. This is a big step. They have now 5 potential candidates to take the interim position of president. We should know who has been chosen in the next few days.

We can really feel a relief among the Burkinabe’s since the old president Blaise Compoare is gone.

Meeting with villagers in Bobo

blog 2014-11-16 2Each year at this time, we invite 10 representatives from the 9 villages where we are active to come and discuss with us in Bobo Dioulasso.

This year we had 2 topics: analysis of the results of the projects in each village (work or do not work and why?) and presentation by each village of the projects they wish to have in 2015.

The first part (results of the projects), allows us to list all the projects realized and to try to understand why they are working or why they are not working as seen by the villagers.

blog 2014-11-16 3The projects needed by the villages allows us to prepare our budget for 2015. A message we also give them was that if the situation of some the realized projects did not improve before a certain date, we would not start any new projects in this village in 2015.

The message seems to have been received, but we will only know when we will approach the dead line we have given them, which is end of February 2015.

Visit of Oulana with Didier and Marie Paule

Oualana is one of the village supported by APP.

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There was a large crowd waiting for us. We were entertained by the dances of the masks. The purpose of the meeting was to have the villagers present at the meeting in Bobo to restitute the discussion and the conclusion of this meeting.

It went rather well. During the discussion we talked about the non-reimbursement of loans given to the men. There was then a very intense discussion between the men in their local language. We could not get everything which was said, but the intensity was in the faces as shown in the pictures below.

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We are hopeful that this discussion will help the village in its development.

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Masks come out only for special occasions. I guess our visit was special. The speed of the camera was not the best, but it gives the movement some effects.

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Didier receiving the gift of 2 chickens from the villagers.

Visit of the scholarship holders in Banfora

In Banfora we have 45 scholarship holders. Fifteen of them are in their last year of secondary study. The difficulty for them is to plan for their future after the exam (baccalaureate). Until now, they had very little contact with the real world and the possible further studies or work. We will try to help orientate them.

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Girls eating water melon we had brought

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Emmanuel telling a story to the students

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The story was about a new rule that all the girls would have to shave their heads in the secondary schools (not true) which makes the girls laugh even so they did not know for sure if this was a joke from Emmanuel.

Hats in Oualana

Some of the hats seen in Oualana.

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New bird

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While we were at the LAP, we have seen this very pretty bird.

Proverb of the week

L’homme généreux est souriant ; l’avare est contracté. Proverbe Zaïrois
The generous man is smiling; the stingy man is contracted. Zaire proverb

Tout va mal quand la patience manque. Proverbe africain
Everything goes wrong when there is a lack of patience. African proverb

On existe qu’à travers les autres. Proverbes et dictons Xhosa
We exist only through others. Xhosa proverbs and sayings

This is all for this week take care,



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