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Burkina is copying France in term of strikes: let’s have a strike to see our strength, then negotiate.

Burkina is an ex colony of France. Unfortunately for them, they have taken all the bad things from France and exaggerated them. One of those things is the strong civil servants corporatism. France is also well known for its strikes, especially when it bothers the public. Since the president was pushed away in October last year, everybody wants more of the pie.

The workers of a beer manufacturer in Bobo Dioulasso are on strike since 2 weeks. They want 100% increase!! Since yesterday all workers of the transport companies in Burkina are on strike for 2 days. No buses, no transport of goods. The scholarship students we have in the town of Banfora where supposed to go back to school last Tuesday. Due to the strike we had to call all the villages where the students come from to ask them to stay home. The strike ended after 2 days. No gasoline in the gas stations was one of the consequences. Since then there was another strike in a beer factories. The prime minister went on television to ask to stop striking. Results: a general strike planned on next Wednesday!!!!!!!

LAP news

blog 2015-04-07 3On March 31st, 70 new students of the LAP could have full boarding.

Two Buildings like the left picture were opened to received students. Each building of 2 rooms can accommodate up to 40 students.

You can see the mosquito nets on the windows made by Eugenie.

blog 2015-04-07 4Emmanuel and Odile inspecting one of the dormitories (right).

The mattress protections were given to ASAP by Hans and all the bed sheets were prepared by Eugenie. She is already working on the 80 additional beds we will have at the start of the new school year in September.

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The amphitheater slowly getting ready.

How tradition can create some difficulties for some students and for the teachers

It is the period of the masks in the villages. This means that it is a period of feast in the villages. One of the students of a nearby village came back from vacation on March 31st in the afternoon as all the other ones. The next morning he had disappeared. Call to the parents, visit to the parents, student not to be found. He had borrowed a bicycle from a friend and went away. Finally the father found the kid and brought him back to the LAP. The story came out that he wanted to be expelled for a few days until the mask dances of this weekend….

For the teachers the difficulty is that masks dances are not on the same days in all the villages and some of the villages are quite far (up to 70 km). Impossible to program some time off for the mask dances.

blog 2015-04-07 6Teachers and visitors taking green tea at lunch.

Along the way

blog 2015-04-07 7While at the LAP Odile went to look for Luffa in the dry bed of the nearby river (marigot). Luffa (I did not know before this trip) is a sort of vine producing fruits which when dried can be used as sponge or scrubbing material.

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Odile climbing the trees to get the luffas (right). Dried fruit being peeled to expose the sponge like material.

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Nature is nice!!!!

blog 2015-04-07 10Termite mount with antenna!

Television, radio, 3G?

Fluffy bird

blog 2015-04-07 13 blog 2015-04-07 12

Our bird expert Daouda (Math teacher at the LAP) was not with us. We will have to wait next week to know the name of this bird. May be one of you knows?

Proverb of the week

Un sourire coute moins cher que l’électricité, mais donne autant de lumière
A smile costs less than electricity, but gives just as much light

100% de choses qu’on ne tente pas échouent
100% of things not attempted fail

Only 2 more weeks to go for this trip in Burkina.



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