This is already the 5th blog of this trip. Time flies.

Political situation

Things are rather quiet on the political front. However, when people look at the appointments made by the government and the administration they realize that the nepotism of the previous regime is still here.


blog 2015 02 14 1On Monday we finally received the container which was shipped from The Netherlands in December. Our house is now full of bags and boxes which Eugénie is sorting out. The second hand clothes are for the women associations of the villages and Eugénie wants to make sure that they are distributed equally. The women associations will sell the clothes in the village. If they have a good project for the funds obtained, we will double the amount.

The container has to be emptied for customs inspection, then everything has to be loaded in again so that we can then transport the goods or to our house or to the office.

On the right of the picture you see a pallet of 2.024 glass containers (to be used for the honey project). When it came to the office it was in the container on top of a flatbed truck. Too heavy to move in one go. They took bottle by bottle off the pallet and then reconstructed the pallet in our warehouse……

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The back and side of our house while sorting

Nursery school’s activities

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Play time in Oualana

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Brushing teeth in Kofila

Drink bottles from the container at the LAP

In the container there were 3.000 water bottles for schoolchildren. I took some to the LAP to very happy students. Thanks to Geraldo of ‘Join the Pipe’ and Paul of ‘Watsan’ who have made this possible.

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Last week’s quiz: it was the flower of the mango tree.

This week’s quiz: In Kofila there was a small tree growing onto the old one. What tree is it?

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Finally, some birds

It has been difficult this trip to catch birds in picture.

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Quotes of the week

The biggest challenge in life is being yourself… In a world where one wants you to be like everyone else.
Le plus grand défi dans la vie est d’être vous-même … Dans un monde où on voudrait que vous soyez comme tout le monde.

Special quote for Burkina

It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.
Il est plus facile de demander pardon que de demander la permission.

Have a nice week.


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