Another week gone with a lot of activities. Laura (she is working in the Netherlands for ASAP and for the sales of the statues) arrived in Bobo on Monday evening. Monday was a holiday since the 8 March (international day of the women) fell on a Sunday. Nice!

Yvonne and Sandra helped Eugenie in making bed sheets for the LAP and did some tourism in the area of Bobo.

Visite of the village of Sissa

In previous blog, we talked about this village. The number of children at school went down from over 400 to less than 200. We visited the village last year after a stop for a couple of years due to some unpaid loans from the farmers.

In October 2014, the number of new kids at school went from 22 (school year 2013-2014) to 66. We wanted to talk to the villagers to understand the reasons of this situation.

When we arrived at the village, nobody was there to welcome us. The teachers knew that we were coming, so the village was well informed. A few calls to some leaders did not really explain the no show. Our own explanation is that the village thought we were coming to talk about the overdue credit. They play the ostrich, if I did not see them they will not see us. We then took the opportunity to discuss with the teachers.

blog 2015-03-15 1

The teachers of the school of Sissa.

blog 2015-03-15 2

Sissa primary school

The large increase of the children in first year of primary school was due, according to them, to our sensitization in 2014 and of the good results of the school also in 2014. What can make the situation sustainable? For them the lunch program is very important. If we could provide uniforms to the school, children would push their parents to go to school. Also if the school football team could get team shirts, the boys will want to be part of it.

Making of karité (shea) butter

Laura wanted to see how the shea butter was made traditionally in the villages by the women. Women of Kofila accepted to give us a demonstration.

blog 2015-03-15 3

Churning the paste of milled shea almonds.

blog 2015-03-15 4It is a very hard work. Very tiring for the back.

But it is a bit magic when the brown paste turns white from the shea emulsion.

blog 2015-03-15 5

This very tiring work is made in a way easier, the women say, by the fact that they do this in a group.


New board for the women association of Oualana

blog 2015-03-15 6

The association of Oualana had the same board since at least 10 years. They decided to make a change and to give the leadership to a new group of younger women. The new board was not really chosen by election. Each of the 6 districts of the village had to propose one woman. The woman of each district did not volunteer, but were proposed by the other women of the district.

They had asked us to meet them. The old and the new board were there. We could help some exchange between the 2 groups on how the association should be run.

Impressions of the LAP

blog 2015-03-15 7The picture left is not really good, but it is the harvested honey with wax in a melter. It is used to separate the honey and the wax. We have 12 hives at the LAP and we estimate that this year there will be about 50 kg honey harvested.

blog 2015-03-15 8

Also last week, 10 new born piglets. Some on the picture.



blog 2015-03-15 9

Watering the zucchini early in the morning 6:30 AM.

Below, Macaire (vice director and agronomy teacher) announces the results of the mock exam for the 4th year. Teachers were happy with the results, students a bit disappointed. 56% got the exam without a second round and only one did not get the points to have a second chance.

blog 2015-03-15 10

Remarks from visitors: children at the LAP are only busy with studies. Their study method is not the best and there is not enough time for “play”. We will look at this seriously.

Demonstration on how to carry a baby on the back by a very young girl:

blog 2015-03-15 11

Along the way

blog 2015-03-15 12

Children in Kouekouesso coming back from school and children at the nursery school of Oualana

blog 2015-03-15 13

Young girl in Nefrelaye and Laura trying to win from a small girl (not fair!)

blog 2015-03-15 14

Sunset and nice Baobab

Birds of the week

blog 2015-03-15 15

Emeraudine a bec rouge and Aigrette (French names)

Proverb of the week

La buse qui plane ne se doute pas que ceux qui sont en bas devinent ses intentions.
The buzzard does not suspect that those who are down guess his intentions.

Si tu ne sais pas où tu vas, alors retourne d’où tu viens. »
If you do not know where you’re going, then go back to where you came from. »

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