23 October 2016
Another week has flown by.
Mosquito nets
The government has distributed mosquito nets to all habitants in Burkina in June 2016. Should we applaud? NO! The nets distributed are not only made from plastic (very hot) and the size of the netting is so large that mosquitos go in and out without any difficulties. All this comes from corruption and lack of responsibility of the people who give and manage the funds for this project.
There is a positive twist to that. The mosquito nets are no good for the protection of the people, but excellent for the protection of vegetables against goats, sheep and cows. They are also used to make nets for goals and to maintain crop on carts.
Agricultural apprenticeship
We are looking at what exists around us in term of training for agricultural and breeding in our area. This could help us decide what we want to do with our 27 ha farm in the village of Sokourani.
Last week we went to visit a project called CLIMA run by brothers (Frères des Ecoles Chrétiennes). In 2004 they started a school for young couples to teach them how to run their farm. It the beginning it was a program of 2 years and the project would guarantee a loan of about 500 euro for the trainees when they were going back home to help them start their own farm.
The program has now been reduced to 9 months and for bachelors only. Since they do not ask for any fees from the trainees, the only way to make the program sustainable was to develop production on their 60 Ha. They have now 4.500 chickens, 100 pigs, cashew nuts and banana trees orchards. Finally, they have developed fish farming.
It looks very good but the main focus of the start up “training” has been replaced by the production aspect. The trainees are not really participating in the production and the center has 17 full time employees…..
Distribution of protection kits at the LAP
Last Saturday Eugénie, Solange and I went to the LAP. Eugénie and Solange spent the whole day doing some sexual education to the girls and boys of the LAP.
There was a lot of interest, mainly from the girls. We then distributed the protection kits from DAYS FOR GIRLS to the girls who already have their periods, 68 out of 109.
Sunday fishing
Sunday I went fishing with Karim. We wanted to try a new spot. Not a good idea. It took us around 1 hour to found the spot after asking to 5 different people. The nature looks beautiful from far, but coming close to the water we could see traces of fuel all over the water. It was in an area where there is a lot of irrigation done, using small diesel pumps. No much care is taken of the fuel lost from and around the pumps. We stayed for 30 minutes, did not catch one fish and decided to go home.
Proverbs of the week
An undecided man is the worst disaster of the village
Un homme indécis est la pire des choses pour le village
If you do not seal the holes, you will have to rebuild the walls
Si vous ne pas réparer les trous, vous devrez reconstruire les murs
Have an excellent week,

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