This is my last blog for this trip, written in The Netherlands. Because of the coronavirus, Eugenie managed to book me for a flight last Friday (10 days early). Upon arrival we found out that this was no doubt Aire France’s last flight since Burkina was shutting down as of Saturday. Just in time.

It was nice to be back home even though I am in a self-imposed (Eugénie’s) quarantine for 2 weeks.

Coronavirus in Burkina

It is the worst hit country in West Africa. There are 80 cases and 4 dead already. The US ambassador and 3 government ministers are infected. A curfew has been installed rom 7 PM to 5AM.

It will be difficult to explain to villagers what is the coronavirus and what they need to do to protect themselves.

They have only 36 beds for reanimation in the whole country! There is also shortage of proper protective masks. We are planning to have some produced by our sewing team who are normally producing washable menstruation protection kits. Those masks will be primarily for health care personnel.

 If you wish, you can make a donation so that we have funds to buy the materials needed to produce more masks.

Art and Culture at the gardening project of Nefrelaye

The initial funding from this project came from the French association A Petits Pas. The additional funding for a second water well came from the organization Hephaistos. This organization is linked with the gallery “Mercurart” close to Aubenas in France.

We asked the women in the project to paint on a piece of white cotton whatever they wanted. The idea was to give a new way for the women to express themselves.

Some samples of the work of the women:


Some amazing drawings from women who have never used a paint brush before. Actually some of the women had a similar experience a few years back when some Dutch members of the Zonta association came to the village to do a similar exercise with children and women.

It was a nice rest from their multiple task for the women. Thanks to Aïssata (in charge of the nursery school of the village) who directed and instructed the women.

Sayings of the week

“More contagious than the plague, fear is communicated in the blink of an eye. Nikolai Gogol

“In this moment of panic, I am only afraid of those who are afraid. Victor Hugo

Stay at home and keep safe.


Blijf op de hoogte van onze ontwikkelingen!