2 December 2018

This week I went to Ouagadougou. Eugénie had to go back to the US to help Claire with another surgery. I took this opportunity to have some meetings in the capital of Burkina Faso.

European Union, what union?

You probably wonder why I am talking about European Union while I am in Burkina. Well, every time I am in Ouagadougou I am going pass the building of the Delegation of the European Union and It makes me mad.

This is one of the pictures you get when you search for the delegation of the European Union in Burkina??

Did you know that this type of delegation exists in almost every country? While, at the same time there are also Embassies or Delegations of all European members states. Is this normal?

It also have thoughts about the European parliament. In each country of the Union, there is a parliament elected by the people of the country. Why do you have to elect other people for the European parliament (those people are often” left over” from countries election)? Just take a delegation of each country parliament to make the European parliament. Some of parliamentarians would be in both chambers (country and union). I am sure they can work both jobs…. At least it would make this union parliament so much closer to the citizens.

Anyway just a thought….. May be I am staying to much in the sun?

Fish farming

Last week we talk about bread making. This week about fish farming. It is a project we would like to develop at our agricultural school. It would be a good training for our students and it would give fish for the food of the students who are all fully boarded. We buy 200 euro per month of smoked fish. It is only on the menu on Sundays.

The farming of cat fish and tilapia (small carps) is not too difficult. We need funds for the infrastructure (additional water well with pump and solar panels, 2 water tanks). We can produce 500 kg of fish in 6 months, 50% will be sold (to buy food for the fish) and 50% will be used in the menu of the students.

Do you know people who can help to find fund for this project?

On the way back from a village, Odile (our local director) is buying fish from Honoré.

Black birds

black birds

Citations of the week from Frederic Dard

C’est au moment de payer ses impôts qu’on s’aperçoit qu’on n’a pas les moyens de s’offrir l’argent que l’on gagne.”

It’s when you pay your taxes that you realize you cannot afford the money you make.

Un politicien ne peut faire carrière sans mémoire, car il doit se souvenir de toutes les promesses qu’il lui faut oublier.

A politician cannot make a career without memory, because he has to remember all the promises he has to forget.

Have a good week.


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