4 November 2018

Wednesday and Thursday of this week were holidays (popular insurrection on Wednesday and all saints day on Thursday ). There are 15 free days per year in Burkina Faso. Besides religious feasts (Catholic and Muslim) there are 2 days for Independence (celebration and commemoration) and 2 days for a popular uprise (uprising and insurrection).

Not sure this helps the country’s efficiency…..

Village ‘Kofila’ in Burkina Faso

Follow-up on the village of Kofila

We have been working in this village for 17 years, and realized a lot of projects there. Unfortunately we heard that there was some trouble in the village between families. Normally, trouble in the village is between the men and are linked to women, land or money.

In this case it is a land problem. We asked to meet the leaders of the village to discuss the relation between ASAP and them. It is not possible to implement projects in a village in conflict.

We had a good talk and came out a bit reassured. They have put in place a new group of leaders which seems to be realist on the conflict and willing to work to solve it.

Follow-up meeting in Kofila

News on our Agricultural school the LAP

With Eugénie we went to the LAP. She gave a presentation to the girls about sexual education, together with Denise.

We have 125 girls fully boarded at the LAP, aged from 12 to 20 years old

Eugénie in the dormitory of the 5th year’s students. There are 12 per room

During this time, I was talking to 110 boys. It was more general talk, but some students came out with good propositions to improve the LAP.

Meeting with the boys of the LAP

Boys showing the corn harvest of the LAP. We expected a better harvest, but this is not bad at all.

Gardening in Nefrelaye

We also went to visit the gardening project in Nefrelaye. Some of the women are doing very well.

This woman for example will be able to sell her papayas and will get around 20.000FCFA (30 euro). This is a large amount for this woman


Some birds along the way

The red bird is really back!!

Bird in Burkina Faso

Proverbs of the week

When you show the moon to a kid, he sees only your finger.

Quand vous montrez la lune à un enfant, il ne voit que votre doigt.

If the rhythm of the drumbeat changes, the dance steps must adapt.

Si le rythme du tambour change, les pas de danse doivent s’adapter.

I wish you a good week.



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