Political situation

Things are back to normal in the country. In Ouagadougou, they are still trying to find the way for the after Blaise Compoare. It seems to be going in the right direction so far.

During the events of last week, some people have used it to get revenge or just to steal. Large warehouses in Ouagadougou where corn is stored for emergency and for school the canteen were emptied. It seems that slowly some of those goods are being brought back….

Another disturbing thing was what was found in the house of the brother of the president Francois Compoare. This man and his family (wife, mother in law) believe in marabou. In his house were found skulls, bones, blooded clothes, fetishes and pictures of his wife drinking blood from the corps of an albinos!!! He has fled Burkina to Benin (country well known for black magic). The killing of the albinos had been witnesses by his driver. The driver contacted a journalist. Both were killed. Hopefully justice will catch up with this person.

Time of harvest in the villages

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In the fields, it is harvest time. Above a group of school children picking up cotton. Thursday is a free day in the primary schools. Groups of children help in the various harvests. Sometime they are exploited, sometime they receive something for their work.

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Girls bringing back sesame to the village from the fields

Pictures of the LAP classes

Students are not used to smile in front of adults. We have taught them to say “cheese” in order to have some smile. For some it is a more a grin than a smile.

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First year students

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Second year students

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Third year students

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Fourth year students

Last week all the schools had to be closed. All the children at the LAP who are staying in the foyers spent some of their time taking care of the harvest of sesame and soya.

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Sesame drying in the field.

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Soya harvest

Impact of the nursery school

blog 2014-11-09 11One major change among the children attending the nursery school is their cleanliness.

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But there are still some infectious diseases such as ringworm which we can see coming back each year at the beginning of the school.

Cats and birds

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Officially we have 2 cats at our house: Mouche and Blacky. Since the beginning of this trip a young neighbor cat has become friendly with Blacky.

Which name shall will give him?

This is the first time we saw this bird.

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An ibis on a tree

Proverbs of the week

Life is like a shadow or a mist, it passes quickly and is no more.
La vie est comme une ombre ou un brouillard, elle passe rapidement et n’est plus.

A person is a person because of other persons.
Une personne est une personne grâce à d’autres personnes.

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