Since Wednesday, I am back in Burkina Faso. This will be my longest stay (close to 3 months). Eugenie will be joining me in about 2 weeks.

Temperature here is around 37oC in the day time and in the 20oC at night. It is a dry heat with a lot of dust in the air.

No trip to the projects this past days, so it will be a short blog.

Political situation

In October 2014, you may remember that the president of Burkina was pushed out of office by the population. This happens when he tried to change the constitution so that he could be reelected at the end of 2015.

After he had fled, a transitional president, prime minister, government were put in place. They will manage the country until November 2015, time for new election.

The previous president had created its own arm forces (la garde presidentielle). Much better equipped and paid than the regular army. The actual prime minister (who is coming from the army) has been trying to merge both arm forces. The “garde presidentielle” does not like it at all and have asked that the prime minister steps down. Beginning of this week there was a lot of uncertainty on what would happened. The weekly Wednesday meeting of the cabinet was cancelled. Finally, the “garde presidentielle” back down on their demand. The problem however is still existing.

Yesterday, mainly in the capital Ouagadougou, many people from the civil society came out asking for the dissolution of this elite army.

To be followed.

The LAP seen from the sky

blog 2015-02-08 1

Buildings of the LAP (our Agricultural Secondary School) seen from the sky. There are new buildings constructed in 2014 which are not yet on this picture. The surface of the ground we have is 48 Hectares.

Outside our house in Burkina

The students at the LAP are eating a lot of corn. It has to be transformed in flour. We do not have yet the facility to do this at the LAP. We are doing it in Bobo Dioulasso. Part of the process is the drying in the sun. This is done on our drive way.

blog 2015-02-08 2

We have many types of trees around the house.

blog 2015-02-08 3When we planted the palm tree and the mango tree, we did not really spaced them enough. The palm tree is pushed away by the mango tree (full of flowers)

blog 2015-02-08 4

Small avocado tree.


blog 2015-02-08 5


blog 2015-02-08 6

Cashew nuts & jack fruits

Proverb / saying of the week

L’observation est mère du raisonnement.
Observation is the mother of reasoning.

Les avis c’est comme les trous du cul……tout le monde en a un !!!
Opinions are like assholes …… everyone has one!!!

Have a good week.


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