October 31th, 15.00 hr

The information I communicated yesterday was not very accurate. I believed my sources and should have waited a little bit. The president had not escaped yesterday and in a communication last night he said that he wanted to stay as president until the next elections in November 2015. The civil society did not agree and the night was calm but tense.

Today he finally resigned from his position and he has left Ouagadougou protected by mercenaries (from Togo and Touareg).

What is strange is that a lot of people really think that he is already in another country. All this could have been staged???

Several buildings and houses of the leaders of the presidential party have been rampaged and burnt in Bobo as well.

It is now that we hear the incredible stories. The cousin of the wife of the president was really hated around here. His 2 kids attend the French school in Bobo. Each of the kids had their own car with chauffeur to go to school. The mother loves horses. She was spending an incredible amount of money on them. Each time a new horse was born there was a big party for its baptism…. While looting their house people have found an enormous amount of old bank notes (not valid any more). Probably cash they could not convert when the national bank changed the notes.

Anyway we stayed safe at home again today. I believe that things will rapidly come back to normal.

Take care,


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