Wednesday was Eugénie’s birthday. The Dutch tradition is that the person who has the birthday brings cake to the office. So we had a “lekker” cake to eat at the office with all the personnel.

It is time for the masks to come out (end March / April). Some of the masks came along our street. They were not very happy that I took pictures….

Beekeeping follow up

Harvest was done in some villages and at the LAP. This year we got more than double the volume of honey than last year. This shows that the extra training we have provided helped and that it is a very good investment. There are still a lot of flowers and we will check the hives mid-April.

Some news from the LAP

On Thursday the there was a teachers meeting to analyze the results at the end of the second trimester.

Overall the students have rather good results. Only 3 students did not get the average for the 1st  year out of 49, 8 in the 2nd year out of 51, 10 in the 3rd  year out of 58, 20 in the 4th year out of 40. All the 35 students of the 5th year have the average.

The 4th year is an exam year. The teachers are more demanding than for the other years. We are still expecting to have over 90% success rate for this exam.

On Friday we had a parents association meetings to present the results.

The students have left the LAP for a vacation of one week. On Thursday they organized some non-academic activities: football games, dances, games. They really enjoyed themselves.

Citations of the week from Aristotle

Wealth consists more in its use than in its possession.

Selfishness is not self-love, but a disorderly passion of self.

I wish you a positive week.


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